Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flagstaff, Arizona

Trip update: We are now in Flagstaff, Arizona and heading West.

We expect to upload photos this evening.


drpug1952 said...

Ross, been following you since 12 news of your sendoff on saturday night. I am proud to know you and of your efforts with alternative energy. I hope your students appreciate what a great teacher they have. When you get to LA you should look up Jay leno's producer and get a spot on the Tonight Show. Leno is big into cars and :going green". He is friendly with Ed Begley, Jr. who has a cable show on going green and alternate energy sources. Check it out.
Nice cowboy hat! How are the contact lenses holding out on the long drive?
Good luck, have fun and God Bless.
Dr. Pugliese

Anonymous said...

Ross I couldn't agree more with Dr. Pugliese. Kevin was very lucky to have you as a teacher and I applaud all your efforts with alternative energy. I hope Kevin can help you guy's get the recognition you so deserve.
Have a safe trip back!